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Your Privacy on Phoenix Premium Performance, Explained in Plain English.

We all worry about our privacy these days, yet most privacy pages suck! You go away none the wiser. That is why on PhoenixP3’s Newsletter Privacy page, we want to be as transparent as possible by using plain English.

What we Know About the Average Visitor
The truth is we don’t know much about the average visitor to our site(s). We run StatCounter & Google Analytics that provides us with some minimal information about:

How many people visit the website(s).
Which website led them to or any of our branded websites.
Which pages you visit.
What device you use.
What IP Address you are connecting from.
What browser you are using.
Which country you are connecting from.

But all of that information is anonymous and we cannot (to our knowledge) access details on individual visitors.


What We Know About Sharers
We love it when people share our content, and so we do keep an eye on that using online tools. We also track the number of people who click through on links we share. But again, we don’t know anything but the vaguest information about who you are. Nothing that is not already in your public social media profiles anyway.


What We Know About Subscribers
If somebody decides to signup to or newsletter connection, We store their:

  • Email address
  • First name
  • Last name
  • The name of your business (if you choose to share that)
  • GarWEBforms is what we use for all of our sign up and contact forms and GarWEB has an excellent reputation.


What We Know About Buyers

We do get access to a customer’s email address, name and what product they are instrested in or purchased, as well as any other company or personal information you provided to us and used in transacting with us.


What Do We Do With All This Data?
You might be wondering what we do with all the data we have gathered. The honest answer is not much!

We use Google Analytics, StatCounter Data and a third party internet marketing company named GarWEB to help inform us about what content we should be placing on our website(s) and any other helpful data to provide better user experiences. We never use data from GarWEB for anything other than delivering on people’s orders or providing information, newsletters, reports, resources, and any other ways to help our potential customers.

We or GarWEB never pass any of the data We or GarWEB collect (including your email address) to any other third party.

We also do not track you beyond or our branded websites and any other websites within GarWEB’s Network of websites that drive traffic or provide Phoenix Premium Performance’s company exposure. We do sometimes download it to our computers and share this data within only within our companies. All data remains secure on the site and any downloads that are captured. (Either through Google Drive, DropBox, or GarWEB).

The only exception is those people who email us directly.


What Do We Do With Information From Those Who Email Us Directly?
When people email us, we do hold some information on you. We keep most of that information on our personal, password-protected laptops and desktop computers. However, We also have some data in the cloud. (Either through Google Drive, DropBox, or GarWEB)

Our email is via Microsoft 365, and we also store some information in (Either through Google Drive, DropBox, or GarWEB). Where possible, We secure these accounts with two-step validation, and they all offer secure encryption to keep your data safe.

Finally, We also use a customer relationship system. That allows us to keep track of prospective and existing clients, ensuring we can be as responsive as possible.

In all cases, this information is held securely and never shared with anybody without your permission.


What if You Are Unhappy With How We Hold Your Data?
If any of the above concerns you, let us know. We will happily delete any information we hold on you.

  • If you are a newsletter connection subscriber, you can unsubscribe at the bottom of each email we send.
  • If you are a newsletter connection subscriber, you can unsubscribe by sending an email to us and request to be unsubscribe.
  • If you have purchased a product or service, we can delete your information after purchase if you so wish.
  • If you have emailed us, just let us know, and we can remove any information we are holding on you.
  • If you don’t like GarWEB or Phoenix Premium Performance tracking you on our site(s), then we can try to recommend other websites you could use instead (although they probably also run Google Analytics, and other tracking software) too.
  • We hope you can see, We are as open and transparent as we can be about your privacy, but if you have any questions please drop us an email.




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